TV Report / France 3 Grand Est

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In this video, Émilie Aizier alias Émilion, inventor of Kitchen Litho technique at Atelier Kitchen Print. She was born in the North-East of France and living now there. Discover all the technique and many tips in her self-published manuals traduced in english HERE. Support and feel free to participate in the Kitchen Litho contest that it organizes every year since 2015!

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Merci à toute l’équipe de France 3 Grand Est et « LOR’ÊKA ». Spécial merci à Manu sans qui cette vidéo n’aurait jamais existé !

Kitchen Litho Contest 2017 – News

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Dernières images reçues des artistes croates Ana Sladetić et Miran Šabić

/ last receptions from Croatia Ana Sladetić and Miran Šabić Kitchen

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