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Stefan Eichner

Hi Daniele

As you seem to be really interested in kitchen lithography I strongly recommend you to buy Emilie’s very helpful handbook. You can order it online on your website in different languages. In this book all steps of this lovely printing technique are explained in detail as well as all required materials are mentioned and discussed. There are a lot of examples how to create different image impressions. This book is a good introduction to this technique and really worth buying. So far as I know Emilie also offers kitchen lithography workshops in her art studio. This might be also interesting for you.

Please keep in mind that I will take some time to master this technique. As I mentioned earlier I am still in an experimental stage. But I can assure that kitchen lithography involves a lot of fun and pleasure.


29 avril 2015 - 14 h 55 min
Daniele Pianciola

Hi Stefan,
You are right to be proud of your achievement. Your tulips are fresh, luminous and vibrant . Sometimes lithos can be dim and gloomy. Your flowers sparkle with light. Please could you tell me: I love the grain and texture of the paper you used, it looks like a rather heavy cold pressed watercolor paper but how can it be so? How did you « print » your copies by hand? With a spoon, or what else? What colours did you use? How did you manage to get all the colours down, how did you plan your workflow?
Sorry if I am overwhelming you with all these questions, but I am really eager to know and follow your path.
You are « not an artist »? Ah ah ah! Wish there were many such non-artists!
Please I would be so happy to see your Coq Rouge after Marc Chagall: my email is
Thank you again

26 avril 2015 - 0 h 13 min
Daniele Pianciola

Wow. Tout grand merci, Emilie

20 avril 2015 - 1 h 53 min
    Stefan Eichner

    Hi Daniele,

    Thank you very much for your very positive feedback on my kitchen litho. As Émilie already mentioned I really like lithography’s by Marc Chagall and it was always a dream of mine to make and print a lithograph by myself. By chance I found a video from Émilie on YouTube and was immediately inspired by this simple lithographic technique. So I bought her handbook in January 2015 and have been trying kitchen lithography since then. I live in Heidelberg, Germany as my lithograph reveals. Since I am not an artist I do not have any professional equipment, such as a printing press, art studio, etc. As the name “Kitchen lithography” already indicates, I have made all my kitchen lithography’s in my own kitchen by using only basic materials. At the beginning I started with black and white prints and I am still in an experimental stage. After some successful prints I tried to use different colours. My first multi-coloured lithography was a reproduction of Marc Chagall’s “Le Coq Rouge”. Of course this print is not allowed for this contest. But If you like I can send you a picture of it. So I created the “Tulips” kitchen lithograph by myself in March 2015 by using 7 different colours. I took me about two weeks to print all the different layers. Since I am still a beginner, I am really proud of my achieved results.

    23 avril 2015 - 20 h 43 min
Daniele Pianciola

Love this litho.
More of them? More about the author? Does he have a site? How did he make it?
Thank you

19 avril 2015 - 13 h 45 min
    Émilie Aizier

    Hi Daniele thank you I will try to contact him for you. Actually I can say you he read my handbook and contact me. He’s fond of Chagall’s lithos. He has lot of feeling with Kitchen litho technique. 🙂 He never done lithography before!He does not have website as I know.

    19 avril 2015 - 17 h 55 min

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