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  • Double Elephant Print Workshop à Exeter (UK)

Print on Prescription from Workshops n’ Docs on Vimeo.

Simon Ripley is teaching printmaking at Double Elephant in Exeter in UK.
Simon Ripley est enseignant en gravure à Double Elephant à Exeter au Royaume-Uni. Simon a contacté très tôt Emilion suite à la vidéo Kitchen Litho et depuis des échanges se mettent en place autour de la Kitchen Litho mais aussi de l’enseignement en général. Il pratique maintenant régulièrement la lithographie version Kitchen auprès de ses élèves dont un groupe de malades mentaux (CF. vidéo ci-dessus). Merci à lui et bravo !











  • Sparkbox Studio (Canada)

As you know Kyle and I made the choice to make our studio as safe and green as possible, so there are some processes, like stone lithography, that we can’t offer at the studio. Of course stone lithography happens to be my favorite print process. So, you can only imagine my joy when I stumbled across a video by French artist Emilion explaining a new technique called “Kitchen Litho”. In the video Emilion walks you through her process of drawing with a grease tool (in this case soap made with animal fats) onto tin foil, etching the image with Coke and printing it like you would a litho stone.While achieving a print was challenging, the process itself was amazingly easy. Draw your image on the tin foil, etch it with Coke, rub it with vegetable oil, ink it and print (see the whole process in the video on Emilion’s blog). After a great afternoon several of us left with a some good prints and I plan to keep experimenting with this process in the future.






  • Alberta Printmakers’ Society and Artist Proof Gallery

Create your very own interesting lithographic prints using common items such as Coca-Cola, butter and foil!